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Surprise: Coca-Cola's beach ready bottle melts in your hand

Must-know English words

Must-know British English words and emotions


Get dressed and undressed


Don't shop in England without these words



Talk about hobbies

Staying fit

Learning through opposites

Talking technology

British English expressions and words for the classroom

Getting around

Top 20 British English verbs

Relaxing in the evening

Talking about your daily routine

Daily activities 3

Daily activities 2

Daily activities

Sports 2



Natural disasters

At the table

Negative emotions

Positive emotions

Forest animals

Marine life 2

Birds 2

Jungle animals

Wild animals

Insects 2

Australian animals

Amphibians and reptiles


lunes, 8 de julio de 2013

Big cats



Marine life

Farm animals

Common animals

domingo, 7 de julio de 2013

Saving the bog turtle, one of the rarest kinds in North America

Buzz Aldrin: still looking to the stars, and hoping others will too

Digitizing the world's biggest library

Where the dinosaurs are

High-speed trains may be coming to California, Florida

How a TV appearance did the trick for a rising young magician

Visiting the National Arboretum in Washington

Building art out of Legos

A student orchestra, where the players decide what to play

Disney Family Museum honors Mickey's pather

Georgia O'Keefe exhibit presents the familiar with the unfamiliar

Desert Museum in Arizona exhibits native lants and animals

Visitors to Colonial Williamsburg get a History lesson in the roots of US democracy

Preparing for duty at the U.S. Naval Academy

Companies aim for the sky, and the road, with flying cars

Using computer games to support democracy and conflict resolution

A shelter for abused animals, where volunteers also find healing

Developers find new jobs for robots

A orosthetics center helps athletes stay a step ahead

Drivers can turn to technology to save them from the distractions of technology

Now, some gardening advice, brought to you by Thomas Jefferson

He trained in the restaurant industry, and now He serves the homeless

Hero pilot now turns to stopping a descent in new pilots

Music promoter turns American women Into 'Bellydance Superstars'

Some New Yorkers don't miss the train -- They miss the old station

Aiming for Work in the video game industry

What, no digital camera? Capturing the beauty of the Grand Canyon

Inside the world of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Pinball lover goes full tilt in collecting 'Historic Art'

Broken instruments are music to the ears of these school repairmen

Seeing stars: amateur astronomers aim thousands of eyes at the universe

Giving awards to people who make peace by seeking common ground

Studying how plastic pollution enters ocean food supply

Drum Circle widens Into a United Nations of beats

More young women find a calling in Catholic order

Fancy cowboy boots

Far from any ocean, a home for dolphins

An American cowboy aims to help russia s beef herd

Radio-controlled hummingbird represents a new breed of drone

Woman jockeys

What you can do to help bees

Behind the music: the making of a Paul Reed Smith guitar

'Walking miracle' inspires others

A new generation of Buddhism in America

Bats are welcome in this home

Stylist's job Is to make food look pretty for the camera

Local and global pressures threaten coral reefs

sábado, 6 de julio de 2013

A middle-aged game show for teens: the world's longest running TV quiz show

A camp for future Grammy Winners

Curiosity Rover: 'A Mars scientist's dream machine'

Faberge Eggs: 'Miraculous, marvelous works of detail"

Throw away the olow? Why experts say strip tilling is better

With American Girl Dolls, History comes into play

A youth orchestra for Chinese-Americans widens its reach

Studying the world's deepest volcanic vents

Treating cancer in cats and dogs

More US cities getting aboard idea of streetcars

Houston welcomes Scarlet Spider, Marvel Comics crime fighter

Looking at a piece of U.S. history: the amendment that banned slavery

A fountain of chocolate, a rush of joy


Drive for 'green' cars leave some auto workers behind

How facebook can affect your sense of happiness

Telling stories through totem poles

Vinyl records go for a new spin

Debate over energy, Water in the American West

Tired of that tattoo. Get it removed

Adolf Hitler